31 October 2009

NY-23 Is the "Tipping Point"

I'm not shilling for the NRT. This is not a request for contributions. It's information to reinforce the mind-set that conservative principles and values are making a comeback.

Since Scozzafava has dropped out, the outcome of the Special Election in NY-23 seems pretty obvious. Barring interference from outside agitators like ACORN or SEIU, Doug Hoffman will be the new representative for the 23rd District of New York.

In the past 9 months, we have seen some of the most blatant attempts to sabotage and circumvent the Constitution that have ever been tried. Some are succeeding. We will need to overturn these successes in the next session of Congress, and to do that, we will need true Constitutional Conservatives.

Doug Hoffman is the beginning of the conservative movement's efforts to take Congress back to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. The "Republican" leadership in the House will be measured by how well they adapt to the new/old ideas of governing.

Its time for the conservatives in Congress to put a stop to the socialist ideas being pushed down the throats of American citizens. Its time to recognize that the Constitution tells Congress what they can and cannot do.

The Constitution is the Law.
Everything else is a regulation.

The National Republican Trust identified this race months ago as critical to conservatives and has worked tirelessly since to rally other conservatives to this righteous cause. NOW ALL EYES ARE ON THIS ELECTION!

National conservatives from across the country continue to answer the call to action by endorsing and fighting to elect Hoffman. The list includes Sarah Palin, Rush
Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tim Pawlenty, George Pataki, Michele Malkin, Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum, Steve Forbes, Dick Armey, Michele Bachmann, The New York Post, American Conservative Union, Club for Growth and many more.

We may be the underdogs but we are positioned to deliver a stunning upset to the
liberal media, radical Democrats and unprincipled GOP insiders. A win for either of the liberal establishment candidates is a win for Obama, Pelosi and their liberal allies.
A conservative victory over two liberal major party candidates will rock the political establishment and become the springboard for taking back the Republican Party and our Country from the far left and squishy Republican appeasers that kowtow to every radical, media driven whim.

A victory in NY-23 will be a victory of principle over party, and will set the tone for the remainder of the legislative cycle. Congressional members will have to think twice, and then a third time, before casting their values aside to gain short-term political favors.

An upset victory by Doug Hoffman will kick-off the conservative resurgence in 2010 and A RETURN TO THE PRINCIPLES OF RONALD REAGAN.

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