20 October 2009

Net Neutrality = Federal Control of New Media

From Americans For Prosperity
Phil Kerpen
Director of Policy,
Americans for Prosperity
The Internet Freedom Coalition

The net neutrality movement is an outgrowth of the larger so-called media reform project of radical left-wing activists like Robert McChesney who seek to destroy private control of the country's communications systems.

McChesney and the so-called media reform movement was discussed Monday night on the Glenn Beck show, and you can watch that clip here. [Mr Kerpin] will be on with Glenn again Tuesday night to discuss net neutrality specifically.

The push for a Washington takeover of the Internet is coming from the White House. It includes Susan Crawford, the so-called Internet Czar, who told The Wall Street Journal in April that the $7.2 billion of stimulus money for broadband she is helping spend is a "down payment on future government investments in the Internet." She went on to say: "We should do a better job as a nation of making sure fast, affordable broadband is as ubiquitous as electricity, water, snail mail or any other public utility."

Here's what you should already know if you're reading this: none of this is neccessary. The internet ain't broke and anyone that wants to get online, can, if they have a job or a reliable source of income to pay for the service. The internet ain't free, just as water and electricity ain't free.

Connecting to the internet is as easy as flipping a switch or turning a faucet, if, IF you have the equipment and the provider. It is as ubiquitous as any utility you already pay for and have the equipment to utilize.

Once the government has control of this media, we have lost.
Best advice right now: buy a ham radio.

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