05 May 2009

The Time Is NOW!!!

It looks as though we are entering a new phase on the Obama citizenship issue. It appears that a rumor has surfaced from an FBI agent that a forgery of Obama's birth certificate is under way. This would explain the 120 days requested by Obama's legal team to address an issue regarding a birth certificate, an issue any lawyer worth his salt - let alone one worth millions, himself surrounded by million-dollar lawyers - would put to rest months ago in a heartbeat by simply producing the document and using the moment to belittle his detractors - a technique not at all beneath Obama as we have seen. Paper and ink can be chemically treated to fool dating analysis, but needs a little time to settle in. Inks and papers can be carefully reproduced. Does anyone believe that a man whose ambition is to be the most powerful person on earth would be above such tactics? Can we risk indulging in the happy thought that he would not?
We must assume that this is a new, clock-driven phase we're in. Any other assumption is terribly irresponsible. Time, if half these rumors are true, is against us.
NOW - is the time to stop posting on message boards in anything but a clear, concise organized attempt to draw large national attention to the Obama citizenship issue.
NOW - is the time to put contact numbers and e-mails HERE for immediate dispersion.
NOW - is the time to use those numbers and e-mails. If you are worried about being identified and having your life ruined by vindictive left-wing activists - a legit concern - use *67 when you call in, which will block your name and number to the radio show or congressional office.
NOW - is the time to call Hannity and wait for 3 hours to get on, using a false topic for clearance through the call-takers and then condemn him before millions for betraying his country by not bringing this issue up with so many guests available and such news-worthiness behind it. Let him know on-air you're calling for all his listeners to turn off their radios for the day in protest and as a sign of strength. That you'll contact his sponsors and threaten to boycott his program on the radio and Fox TV.
NOW - is the time to do the same to Rush.
NOW - is the time to do the same O'Reilly.AND Savage.AND Ingraham. And local conservative stations.

NEXT:Your congressmen care about only one thing: the next primaries.
NOW - is the time to contact them - anonymously if necessary (it's legal, use *67 or separate free Yahoo e-mail accounts created for the purpose) and politely tell them you'll campaign like hell against them in the next primary, never forgetting, to your last breath if need be, if they don’t confront this issue head -on NOW.
Tell them tomorrow is too late - for their re-election.
We don’t have months to organize a tea party on this matter.
The clock may very well be running out.
There is a reason why a million-dollar lawyer consulting with million-dollar lawyers won’t turn over a document you need for a passport or your kid needs to get his drivers license. The reason isn't for the fun of it.
NOW - is the time to take pen to paper, hand to keyboard, voice to phone, and make this go viral this week, the week of May 4, 2009. The week after next may simply be too late if even half of what we’re hearing turns out to be true(that 120-day stall request by Obama's lawyers probably has a very large safety zone built into the timetable as a contingency, just in case)
NOW - is the time to do all these things.
NOW. Not tomorrow. Not in 2 hours. Put off dinner. Forget the movie, or the game, or your favorite reality show. Dinner can stay warm. Your favorite shows will be waiting for you next week.
Sound melodramatic? Sure, but melodrama is their trade. You're only speaking to them in the language they respect when you put it like that. Cut and paste this wherever you will. Add to it. Subtract from it. But get the word out.
If we're responsible, if we care and love this still-free country, if any of what he have heard is in fact true (there are many people still alive who remember Hitler's rein of terror - never confuse the unthinkable with the impossible), then we have no responsible choice but to err on the side of caution - and indignation, quite frankly - and assume the clock may very well be ticking, now. Time waits for no one, and don't expect an evermore-corrupt government to do you any favors.
There is no harm in doing all this if this rumor turns out to be untrue. Indeed, it simply clears up a very, very troubling, nagging issue all the faster. The question is: do you love your country enough to spend a little time on a gamble to save it in the event even half of it is in fact actually true?
Our Founding Fathers are watching you. What would you have them think?
Keep this thread alive with contact info, reports on what you are doing, cut-and-paste it elsewhere and provide links here. It's time to get to the bottom of Obama's citizenship status once and for all - BEFORE he covers his tracks.

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