31 May 2009

Putting A Lock-Out Tag on the Political Machine

Campaign season is officially open. Local politics will be the focus for the next 3 months and then we move into the 2010 campaign cycle. We had some great candidates in 2006 and 2008, but the political machines at the local levels prevented some of them from getting on the ballot and others were outspent.

We can’t let that happen in 2010. It’s time to take over the process and show the machine we know where the shutdown switch is.

This is where grassroots conservatives need to exert the most influence. We need good solid conservatives.

This blog will give first consideration to any veteran who wishes to declare his or her intention to seek an elected office, especially here in the Commonwealth. The leadership skills and the oath to defend the Constitution are the qualifications needed to insure our Nation remains the reality the Founders envisioned.

We need a good candidate for VA-03. It’s time for Mr Scott to retire. The good folks in southeast Virginia deserve someone who is more in tune with the grassroots and is familiar with the Navy and veteran’s issues. Someone with experience in the VA and DoD.

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