07 August 2007

'A Plot to Rival 9/11'

Deadly Details Behind the Airline Liquids Ban

ABC News recently broke an exclusive report detailing the chilling truth behind the plot to explode horrendously devastating devices, which were to be mixed and detonated by terrorists using relatively small amounts of liquids that they planned to carry in innocent appearing soft drink container aboard as many as 6 to 7 jumbo jetliners bound for the U.S.

"I think that the plot, in terms of its intent, was looking at devastation on a scale that would have rivaled 9/11," Chertoff told ABC's Pierre Thomas. "If they had succeeded in bringing liquid explosives on seven or eight aircraft, there could have been thousands of lives lost and an enormous economic impact with devastating consequences for international air travel.

"I got a call telling me that it looked as if the focus had turned on an attack on the United States, specifically an attack on airliners leaving from Britain, traveling to American cities," Chertoff said. "It also became evident, within 24 hours, that the time frame within which the attack was going to take place, would not be a matter of months but … a matter of weeks or even days."

To view this frightening video of how massive the threat was go to Family Security

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