18 August 2007

America Is What This Is About

I have a developed an intense dislike for proffessional politicans.

However, there comes a time when politics must play a role, and the reason is simple:
Politicians make policy and policy affects the military.
Whether it's active duty, retired or veteran, politicians ultimately decide the fate of many issues facing our miltary.
We must cultivate and encourage politicians who understand and are willing to make policy favorable to the issues. We have to make sure the politicians know there are ordinary American citizens, voters, who care about the way the government treats its' Warriors.

This is the least we can do for those who made the choice to serve.

No matter the member rolls, regardless of agenda, whatever name the group decides to call itself, what we do is for the good of this country and the men and women standing in harms way now, those who have bled for us, and those who have already been there.

We salute those who took the responsibility for our safety at the risk to their own.
We acknowledge the sacrifices of those who stand the fence and say
"Go to sleep. Nothing will happen tonight, not on my watch"

These warriors deserve nothing but our total and undivided commitment to their welfare, because they're a little busy right now, and probably don't have the time to do it themsleves.

We should be so consumed with this agenda that we don't have time for anything else, especially egos and personalities.

It's about the country and the troops. Because we won't have one without the other.


f mcdonald said...

Amen, brother.

yankeemom said...

I second that Amen!