18 August 2007

MAF Gets Much Needed Help

From an Academy Award winning actor.

Melanie Morgan made the announcement Friday morning on her radio show.
You can listen here. You can download or listen. The announcement is about 45 minutes into the program.

The actor is none other than Mr. Jon Voight. Hopefully you were lucky enough to catch Mr. Voight's interview with a certain FoxNews host who does not allow bloviating.
Mr Voight is a true Patriot IMAO, and believes in the military, the mission, and the threat they are protecting us from.

According to Melanie, Mr. Voight contacted her with an offer to assist in any way he could, with the Fight for Victory Tour.

More details as they become available.


f mcdonald said...

This great news! Kudos to Mr. Voigt.

yankeemom said...

I heard Jon Voigt interviewed on Laura Ingrahms show - I had no idea he was such a supporter! He definitely is one who gets it.