24 May 2007

Ramblings and stuff from other blogs

And this just in:
Shark Bites Hand of Handler
Aquarium staff say they don't know what's wrong with the shark.
Hey guys, ITS A SHARK!!!! It only knows one thing...EAT!!!!

Major Pain has some great advice for Memorial Day. You can read it Here
Personally, I'd listen to the man...he's a Marine, he's smart, and he can whip yo ass.

John over at Castle ARRGH has a quiz for all you machine heads..
I have no idea what IT is, but I want one, just because I don't have one.
Maggie is at the bar, she refuses to play.

I'll be up in DC this weekend with Rolling Thunder and Gathering of Eagles for the Memorial Day Rally.
Looking forward to that, and I'm sure there will be moonbats and asshats aplenty, following Silky Pony's marching orders to protest the military action in Iraq on a weekend when they should be thanking every soldier in sight for giving them the right to be stupid in public.
But thats just me, and I've been diagnosed as severely cynical with delusions of usefulness.
and I'm off my meds.

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