06 May 2007

More US Casulties Under King Clinton Than In Iraq

Since the start of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan , the sacrifice has been enormous.
In the time period from the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 through now, we have lost a total of 3,140 troops.
As tragic as the loss of any Veteran is, consider this:
below is a list of deaths of soldiers, sailors, airmen & Marines while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2004
(1980 2,392);
(1981 2,380)
(1982 2,319)
(1983 2,465)
(1984 1,999)
(1985 2,252)
(1986 1,984)
(1987 1,983)
(1988 1,819)
(1989 1,636)
(1990 1,507)
(1991 1,787)
(1992 1,293)
(1993 1,213)
(1994 1,075)
(1995 1,040)
(1996 974)
(1997 817)
(1998 827)
(1999 796)
(2000 758)
(2001 891)
(2002 999)
(2003 1,410) 534*
(2004 1,887) 900*
(2005 919*)
(2006 920*)
* Figures are Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom fatalities only
Does this really mean that the loss from the two current conflict in the Middle East are LESS than the loss of military personnel during King Clinton's presidency? Were we at war?
Now, are you confused when you look at these figures?
I was.
Especially when I saw that in 1980, during the reign of President "Nobel Peace Prize" himself, there were 2,392 military fatalities of U.S. soldiers.
What this clearly indicates is that our media and our liberal politicians pick and choose.
They choose NOT to present the facts.

Another fact our left media and politicians like to slant is that these brave men and women losing their lives are minorities.
The latest census shows the following:
European decent (white) 69.12%
Hispanic 12.5%
African American 12.3%
Asian 3.7%
Native American 1.0%
Other 2.6%

Now, the fatalities over the past three years in Iraqi Freedom are:
European decent (white) 74.31%
Hispanic 10.74%
African American 9.67%
Asian 1.81%
Native American 1.09%
Other 2.33%

Please, don't just take my word, see for yourself
The next time you are subject to left-wing propaganda, you are equipped with the facts.
Pass the facts on...
Also, where is the outcry regarding all of the unborn babies that are killed every day in this country.
Where is the outcry of all the fatalities from druken drivers each day in this country.
What about the murder of little children by depraved men and women who should not be allowed to live.
The judges let them off practically scott free.
Where is the outcry, Americans?


BostonMaggie said...

On a sort of related note, NPR had a story on the difficulty the military is having recruiting among African Americans.

The figures for 1980 baffle me.

BostonMaggie said...

I lff the link to the story.


Citizen Deux said...

Hey, I appreciate the information on dead, however, the much more impactful number is that of wounded. As a serving member in the Navy (RC) I want to keep my sailors alive and UNHARMED.

War is war. We will fight it to the best of our ability. I would rather the American public understand its cost (in human life as well as dollars) and quit throwing around statistics.

Putting one's life on the line for the nation is something I am proud to do.

ConcreteBob said...

CD, Thank You for your service to this Country. My sister is retired Navy, 20 years, USS Briscoe..
her husband is still in, and training CH drivers. Rotor-head, but he's OK.
Appreciate your comments and please come back again. Please vist unitedconservatives.blogspot.com
Cargosquid is one of our contributors and will be home in 5 days from Kuwait.