24 May 2007

The Silky Pony Does His Impression of Cleopatra

If this asshat isn't in de Nile, I don't know who is.

Addressing the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, and don't get me started on THAT), he stated that,

"The core of this presidency has been a political doctrine that George Bush calls the "Global War on Terror." He has used this doctrine like a sledgehammer to justify the worst abuses and biggest mistakes of his administration, from Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, to the war in Iraq.

The worst thing about the Global War on Terror approach is that it has backfired -- our military has been strained to the breaking point and the threat from terrorism has grown.

We need a post-Bush, post-9/11, post-Iraq American military that is mission-focused on protecting Americans from 21st century threats, not misused for discredited ideological pursuits. We need to recognize that we have far more powerful weapons available to us than just bombs, and we need to bring them to bear. We need to reengage the world with the full weight of our moral leadership."

and you want to be PRESIDENT!?!?!?!?

Earth to Cleo, err John, where ya been the last 15 years? Where were you in January 1993?
In July 1996?
In October 2000
In September 2001?

What were those John?

College pranks with M-80's, bottle rokets and model airplanes?

Did you not hear that Usama Bin Laden declared a fatwah,? (thats a holy war, Cleo, err John).
Stop watching Nickleodeon, MTV, and the HGTV network and get up to speed on world events.

Try to pay attention and keep up...there may be a quiz later.

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