21 January 2013

Open Letter To Speaker Boenher

From: Frank E Kledas

First Sergeant, United States Marine Corps (Retired)

The Honorable John A. Boehner

Office of the Speaker

H232 Capitol

Washington, D.C. 20515

January 19, 2013

Dear Speaker Boehner;

I received my natural Republican card in the mail this afternoon.

Sir, you are asking for my support, along with asking for a donation of 25, 40, or 50 dollars for the Republican “cause.” My immediate question to you is this: can you please give me any reason(s) at all as to why I should support the national Republican Party any longer? For the last four years now during your political game of chess with the opposition party in the House you have been out-maneuvered and out-witted every step of the way. You have also been held in either check, or, in fact, checkmated by the House members on the Democratic side of the house. Time and time again Obama and the rest of his administration have out-smarted you, out-played you, and beat you at every turn. You have not been able to stop Obama and his party’s reckless spending one iota, not to even mention the upcoming obvious total destruction of our country due to the Obama administration’s disregard for tenets of the Constitution of the United States of America.

By being complicit in picking Romney, hand-in-hand with those other Republicans that obviously also thought he was the best choice for the job to put up as our candidate to run against Obama in last year’s presidential election, you, sir, helped select a very weak individual to represent not only our party, but also the American people, in general. And then, to top it off, by Governor Romney then picking Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate, we wound up with now two weak candidates. And now, today, because the blue blood establishment Republican Party has shot itself in the foot once again (the first time was RINO McCain, of course, four years ago) we are facing another “four years of the same”. It is becoming redundant now.

By not attacking Obama on the legitimacy of his birth certificate with regard to his father, a loyal British subject, and his (Obama’s) right to set foot in the oval office in the first place, you missed a great opportunity of nipping it in the bud up-front, when it would have been the most appropriate time for you to take some kind of action on the issue.

And just lately, by not fiercely demanding answers with regard to the attack on our consulate in Libya, with Obama’s decision to not defend our consulate there, you dropped the ball once again. We needed answers then – and we need answers now. We need to know the answers to the questions that only his Secretary of State can answer, yet you sat on your thumbs and let Hillary Clinton get away with her obvious, wide-open dereliction of duty, just the same as you have done with Obama. Their inaction in this matter led to the murder of our ambassador, and yet, as of today, there has still been no formal charges filed against either Obama or Clinton, nor any other State Department officials. This leads we, the people, to believe, essentially; that somehow no one is responsible for the act of war that took place against our country while the people in charge were watching it unfold in real time on their satellite linked TV sets in the war room, intently watching the murders take place. I wonder if they were offered popcorn and cokes in the war room while they watched. President Obama was, in this case, as probably in all others, except maybe vacations is/was working as an absentee president in the matter at hand – as he was not called to task on it by you or anyone else of any real authority. It is almost as though there is a conspiracy taking place in the lofty realm of the big government you have all helped create for yourselves.

When will you personally, and the Republican Party, in general, even begin to realize that in order to beat the Democrats at their own game, the one they beat you with all of the time, that you are going to have to play rough politics and get down on the same level that they operate from. You are going to have to get down in the dirt and sling mud exactly the same way they do. All of you need take the damn gloves off and come out swinging! Make an attempt at winning for us once in a while. Do it for the Republican Party, and do it for the country. Try. Make the attempt. Please.

During these last four years the American people have been held hostage by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, as well as many of the other members of the Democratic Party, and this is a known fact that the whole country is well aware of. Everyone in the country, I suppose, except for the leaders of the Republican Party.

Mr. Speaker, surely you know, just as well as the rest of us, that Obama did not win the White House with an honest and open vote. The vote was a total fraud, top to bottom. He was elected by the votes that were coming out of the grave yards in the cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati and San Francisco, among a few others, and also with the help of our 50 states many crooked, mob-led, mob-enforced unions, hand-in-hand with the help of thousands upon thousands of undocumented aliens all over the country. Sir, it does not take a mental giant to figure all of this stuff out. What it does take is some words and some action on our Republican Party’s leadership to get the various balls rolling to make everything right once again in our country. Is it any wonder at all for you people on Capitol Hill that you are all ranked so lowly in the eyes of the citizenry of this country? Surely you have wondered once or twice about it. Where was the outcry out of the Republican Party while all this was going on? Where were all of the challenges that should have been taking place at the polling places during the election process while all of these many violations were in the process of taking place against our country? The Fox News Channel was telling us all about the fraud that was taking place. I can only assume that the members of congress were out shopping for Christmas presents somewhere, leaving no one in charge. The answer to this question, I believe, is that our party was not only silent on the subject, but absent without leave. AWOL. In the military services of our country that would be a court-martial offense.

Once again, sir, the Republican Party was out-witted, out-maneuvered and totally out-classed by the Democratic Party on this issue and many others, too numerous to even mention here. And now, sir, even as I speak: we are looking at yet another disaster that is in the beginning stages there on Capitol Hill. This upcoming, looming disaster has to do with Obama’s appointment of Hanoi John Kerry to the position of Secretary of State to relieve Hillary Clinton. This individual, Congressman John Kerry, should have been tried for treason and locked away in a federal prison many decades ago and, in my opinion, should still be festering away in some dark and dank cell in Leavenworth, Kansas. He should never have been allowed to serve in either one of the two houses of Congress. The act of treason against one’s country should not be rewarded by placing the person in a position of responsibility. I can think of only one other low-life person of his ilk that Obama could possibly appoint to that cabinet post that might be even close to being worse than the appointment of Kerry, and that person is Hanoi Jane Fonda. But, then again - maybe I spoke too soon. Just possibly in today’s modern Republican Party the members might most likely cheer her on, instead.

In closing Mr. Speaker, I suppose I'll have no other choice but to support your party, but only for the simple fact that we only have a two-party system in our country, providing me no other recourse. I strictly refuse to support the other one, the Progressive (read: Communist) Party. Essentially, I am taking the path of the lesser of two evils, which s exactly what I did when I cast my ballot for the office of President last November. Bottom line, sir, as of right now I do not believe that our present-day Republican Party has anybody, nor even any bright star on the parties immediate horizon that can run against literally any Democratic candidate nominated in the near future. That is how far down on the totem pole I believe our party has sank while the party leadership has been napping their lives away. I can only hope that enough people in America come to their senses sometime within the next couple of years to sift through the ashes of this last election, see and recognize the error of their ways, and hopefully come up with a newer, much brighter, much, much more aggressive party that can lead us into the future. The party has disappointed me for a number of years now. The party needs to give we the voters a broader range and choice of candidates for the office of president.

But, actually sir, I rather doubt that I will be hearing back from you. I doubt if this letter will even get past your various assistants, much less into your hands to read; as most correspondence that is sent such as this will most likely just end up in the round file, or maybe just swept out with the other trash. However at least I had my say in what I believe is a very grave matter for not only our party, but for our whole country.

Respectively yours and Semper Fidelis,

Frank E Kledas

First Sergeant, United States Marine Corps (Retired)

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