01 January 2013

Of Benghazi, Concussions, Treason and Reasonable Expectations

H/T to a Brother Marine

All actions have consequences . . .

It is notable that Secretary Clinton is recovering from her concussion right on schedule with her planned departure from the State Department. It is equally notable that the media has had little interest in exploring the connection between the Benghazi disaster, its cover-up, Clinton's fall and the concussion that ostensibly was the reason for her not testifying. But now that the time for her departure is rapidly approaching, she is getting better and will emerge from sequestration just as soon as her departure date passes. Good, honorable behavior, precisely what Americans expect of their public servants, not.

Enter Senator "Swift Boat" Kerry, the darling of every America-self hater, a latter day liberal and pariah for most Vietnam, Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterans.  The Senator has an earned reputation of maligning the sacrifice and service of American Servicemen and women and now looms large as Obama's nominee for Secretary of State.  Had he been a patriot who supported military members, he would at the least be tolerable despite his insufferable arrogance.  Kerry has consistently engaged in disinformation and defamation of the nation's military and is unworthy to represent the United States of America to the world. But alas, consider who is nominating him.

He was deservedly "swift boated" by all but one or two of his Navy, Vietnam cohorts during his candidacy for President. Upon his separation from military service he maligned military members in a self-promoting monologue at Senate hearings; tossed his military awards onto the White House South Lawn in protest against the Vietnam War; consorted with North Vietnamese during the same; cultivated relations with the Sandinistas during U.S. efforts to liberate Nicaragua from Communist domination; the same with Assad of Syria and Hussein of Iraq during those tyrants' reign; and both the Soviets and Chinese Communists during the Cold War. 

That any Senator would sully his reputation by endorsing much less voting for Senator Kerry's confirmation is all but incomprehensible. Take Senator "Maverick" McCain who spent five and a half years as a POW in Vietnam at the precise time that Kerry was consorting with the enemy for example.  Yet, McCain has evidently endorsed Senator Kerry...and whereas that is a magnanimous gesture at the personal level, it is an unforgivable insult to every serviceman and woman who served in Vietnam and the Middle East. One hopes he changes his mind otherwise he will go down in history, not as a great American hero who did and stood for what is right, but as a pathetic ineffective loser who wasted his own life and desecrated the service of millions of brave and patriotic Americans.

One understands that elections have consequences...but consequences do not spell "anything he wants." If that is the case why not give Obama everything he wants, close up shop and go home...regardless of the effects on the nation?  Whether Secretary of Defense or State, confirming Kerry would be a slap in the face of the 58 thousand patriots who gave their lives, the hundred fifty thousand plus who were wounded and the 8 million who served in Vietnam...not to mention 600 plus POWs (except the turncoats and Senator McCain); and all service-members'  families. 

I believe in forgiveness...have written as much on a number of occasions. But forgiveness presupposes penitence and neither Benedict Arnold nor Senator Kerry have been penitent nor sought forgiveness. Senator McCain and all other right thinking Senators should show some political spine, forget Senate collegiality and do what is right for American service men and women, not to mention America, by voting against Kerry's confirmation. 

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