20 July 2012

MILLER: Obama’s jam-packed schedule - Washington Times

MILLER: Obama’s jam-packed schedule - Washington Times

President Obama gave up his day job working for the American people so he could have more time to campaign for himself. To fit in all the fundraisers and stump speeches, he’s set aside things like meeting with his jobs council and working with Congress. His priorities say a lot about his character.

In a campaign speech to supporters in Jacksonville, Fla., on Thursday, Mr. Obama promised he would “wake up every single day and spend every waking hour thinking about you, fighting as hard as I knew how for you because I see myself in you.” Mr. Obama said with their support, “We will win Florida and we will win this election. We’ll finish what we started in 2008.”

Mitt Romney’s campaign seized on the statement. “President Obama claims he spends ‘every waking hour’ trying to fix the economy — but that must be news to his own jobs council that he hasn’t had time for in six months,” said Ryan Williams, the Republican candidate’s spokesman. “Americans deserve better, and deserve a president who will put middle-class workers ahead of his own re-election.”

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