10 July 2012

Brad Pitt’s Brother Speaks Out On Mom’s Death Threats « Pat Dollard

Brad Pitt’s Brother Speaks Out On Mom’s Death Threats « Pat Dollard

In case you missed it: Brangelina's mom (Brad Pitt for those of you without TV or Internet) wrote a letter to the editor of her St Joseph's MO newspaper, in response to another writer who wrote supporting Bambi. Mrs Pitt essentially said the writer was a dufus, and Bambi is a socialist and a liar bent on destroying America.

Well, the ever tolerant and peaceful left lashed out with some of the most vile, despicable attacks on Mrs Pitt that I've seen in, well, days. IOW, the left did what they always do, and do best, when they are confronted with ideas and beliefs for which they have no response: they attack the messenger and call for immediate execution or worse.

Brad Pitt supports Bambi because Brad Pitt is a dumbass leftist stool-tool. His mother supports Romney because she has the sense God gave her, the benefit of having lived in America for the last 60 years, and isn't afraid to speak out.

That has changed. The left has silenced her through intimidation. That is the only weapon the left has in the war of ideas. They cannot defend the marxist socialist ideology without sounding like idiots, so they resort to sounding like thugs and savages. Its all they know.

Barack Hussien Obama is a G_d damn Marxist. He is a serial liar. David Axelrod is a G_d damn Marxist. He is also a serial liar. Joe Biden is a stupid oaf, a serial liar and the dumbest Vice President since Ford and Mondale.

God please do not let anyone hurt the President and get him out of harms way as soon as possible. Novemeber 6, 2012 is the date I recommend.

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