07 August 2010

Former NYPW Running For FL-05

and the Progressive Republicans in the local party machine say Protest Warrior is a hate site. I guess any group that unequivocally supports Israel and a Free Lebanon, supports the troops at every turn, makes the left look stupid at their own rallies, and belives the Constitution is the Law of the Land could be considered a hate group.

BROOKSVILLE - Jason Sager doesn't have to look at someone else's pictures of the Twin Towers attack in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. He was there.
He saw the billowing smoke from his home and has his own scrapbook showing the devastation.

As shaken as he was that day, Sager said he witnessed something later that would propel him into a life of politics and ultimately lead him to Brooksville to become the tea party candidate for the 5th Congressional District.

Fourteen days after al-Qaida terrorists forced two pilots to crash into the World Trade Center, Sager said he was walking near ground zero when he saw Marxist progressive protesters dragging American flags on the ground and declaring to crowds the United States was to blame for 9/11>

The whole story is here.

Jason has NOTHING to explain, or apologize for. He is a Warrior on the homefront, fighting the insurgency at home.

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