20 June 2010

If This Is Your First Visit

You probably found one of my cards on the side of the road (or maybe a crime scene.) Either way, thanks for stopping by. I hope you were able to sample some of our good cooking this past weekend.

We managed to feed a few folks on Saturday. Homes For Our Troops turned over the keys for a brand new specially adapted home to SSG Dwayne Cole USA OIF. We were there to make sure no one went home hungry.

I need to take a few paragraphs to thank a bunch of folks who helped make our part of this auspicious event possible.

First, the neighbors from 4 Mile Creek Baptist Church were just awesome for allowing us to use the kitchen facilities and for the helping hands. They provided a new item to our Southern menu with some fantastic Silver Queen fried just right, and Tooltime Cole Slaw.

Second, the Varina Ruritan gave us some much needed logistical support and allowed us to add smoked pork BBQ to the menu. Thank you very much.

Third, Whole Foods gave us enough squash to give out seconds and thirds to everyone who wanted it. Folks were very impressed with my squash. Thank you Whole Foods, Richmond VA.

We have a picture or two, and the video of the PGR/VFW escort and SSG Coles' arrival. You could go watch that, or, you could indulge me for a moment and jump over here. This is important.

I'll be here when you get back. I just think you need to see this.

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