16 December 2009

Warrior Defense Fund-Warrior Legacy Foundation

Friends of the SEAL Trio awaiting Court Martial!

You've stood in line long enough. We now have the info you need for sending checks or for wiring money directly into the account (which is in the First Western Trust Bank, whose president is SEAL Lindsay Thomas Kough, Class 158). Using the information below, either mail or wire-transfer your contributions to help "The Trio."

Make your checks payable to "Warrior Legacy Foundation," and write "Warrior Defense Fund" (that's us) on the memo line. We have a totally separate account within a much-larger account.

5460 South Quebec Street, Suite 200
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
ABA: 102007011
Credit Account Number: 2045486
Credit Account Name:
Warrior Legacy Foundation
Warrior Defense Fund

There is a Pay Pal account already set up, and links will be on the Warrior Legacy Foundation site; www.freetheseals.com; and a number of other www friendly sites.

In closing, you should be aware that this account is overseen by a 6-person Board of Advisors, at least two of whom are SEALs and another a lady who is VERY active in the military-support community. We have done all we know how to do to get this thing on the road and to incorporate strict oversight procedures over how the money is spent. I believe that we have done pretty well setting up this account.

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