03 December 2009

George Will

George Will -- This will not end well
Will gives Obama’s “tentative surgelet” in Afghanistan and it’s supporters a good rap on the snout in his column today.

“Tuesday, the Taliban heard a distant U.S. trumpet sounding withdrawal beginning in 19 months. Also hearing it were Afghans who must decide whether to bet their lives on the Americans, who will begin striking their tents in July 2011, or on the Taliban, who are not going home, because they are at home.

Many Democrats, who think the $787 billion stimulus was too small and want another one (but by another name), are flinching from the $30 billion one-year cost of the Afghan surge.

Considering that the GM and GMAC bailouts ($63 billion) are five times bigger than Afghanistan's gross domestic product ($12 billion), Democrats seem to be selective worriers about deficits. Of course, their real worry is how to wriggle out of their endorsement of the ‘necessary’ war in Afghanistan, which was a merely tactical endorsement intended to disparage the ‘war of choice’ in Iraq.”

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