27 March 2007

Thoughts on Senator Thompson

THOMPSON: Didn't Dick Wolf Prep With W?
Declared Mitt Romney supporter Paul Mirengoff of Power Line opens his thoughts on Fred Thompson admitting "right now Thompson appears more electable than Romney." Mirengoff explains: "In a sense, then, Thompson looks like the perfect blend of the Allen/Frist/Romney/Gingrich and McCain/Giuliani "factions." He seems to combine the conservatism of the former cluster with at least some of the popularity and stature of the latter pairing."

More Mirengoff: "Millions of Americans see Thompson exercise sound judgment every week as the district attorney on "Law and Order." I'm reliably informed that the show's creator, Dick Wolf, developed the persona of this fictional D.A. specifically for Thompson, and that the actor/politician protects his image by pushing back when he thinks his lines don't portray him in the proper light."

Fred Thompson has the potential to become the next Ronald Reagan, IMHO. He's articulate, he speaks frankly, and he has recognition.

With a running mate like J C Watts, or Michael Steele, I believe it would be a lock.

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