21 March 2007

Rosie the Ribbiter

OK...I added to this on the front end...
Here's what I'd like everyone who reads this to do:

Email Elisabeth Hasselbeck at the View, and give her some encouragement.
This young Lady puts up with a lot from those other three cows and I have to tell ya, she is fighting a disease. Liberalism is a disease. It's a virus that creeps in and works from the inside. It lulls you with false hopes and visions of Utopia.

Ms. Hasselbeck needs all the support she can get. Link to email is in the title.

No thats not a misspelling. Every time this cow opens her mouth, all I hear is "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit"...
Now she claims WTC 7 was brought down by Bushco, because the building contained the records relating to Enron and Worldcom...Hello!!?? MacCauliffe was the one who made all the money with Worldcom, so it must have been the DNC that ordered the building demolished.
"The first steel building in history to burn down." is what she's using as her proof.
Hey, you moron, if I take 30,000 lbs of JP1 and throw it at a building with a force equal to 500 mph, I garontee I can make concrete burn.
I don't know why I waste my bandwidth writing about this fat socialist pig.
After all, just like my boy Ron White says, "You can walk into a plastic surgeon's office and say I want those tits on that woman, but
You can't fix stupid"

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