05 December 2015

islam is a cult of death; allah is satan; mohammed is his bitch

and anyone who follows this twisted perversion of a cult should be run out of the country immediately. islam does not fit the free-will/liberty/self-directed/personal responsilbilty mindset that built America into the greatest single power in recorded history. Those concepts come from God the Father. Not allah, who is in reality, satan/lucifer/baal/, whatever name suits your fancy.
The Constitution does not grant religious freedom to those who bastardize a religion with violence and dominance of certain humans. That's not the intention of the 1st Amendment. You cannot sacrifice virgins or murder non-believers in America. If there is even the slimmest, remotest possibility that someone's belief system may endanger others who do not believe the same things, that person must be ejected from America. You can stay only if you behave yourself and accept that others may not share your beliefs, and you just need to get the fuck over yourself and move on.

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