05 March 2013

UPDATED: War on Women! Rape survivor dissed by Colorado politicians

When you stop being concerned about the safety of college women and become more concerend about the feelings of others who may become uncomfortable thinking there MAY be an armed student in their vicinity, you have ceased to be a rational, thinking member of society and you must remove yourself from society so as not to invoke the ire of those of us who would rather just bitch-slap you so hard your grandmother will feel it.

Or, a workable alternative would be for you to convert to islam and move to some country with lots of sand, the name of which ends in "stan" where your attitude towards women would be welcomed with understanding and sympathy.

Of course, you could just suffer the same fate as any one of the victims who were brave enough to talk about their experiences. Gang rape by ugly men. I wonder if you'd want an armed student close by then? I wonder if you'd care about the feelings of the staff and other students?

UPDATED: War on Women! Rape survivor dissed by Colorado politicians

Now that the election is over, the left doesn’t seem so concerned about that "war on women". And for people who are supposedly all about protecting women, the left sure has a bizarre way of showing it. Once again, a Democrat politician has trivialized a rape survivor’s horrible experience and point-of-view, while arrogantly explaining why she doesn’t need a gun. See the shocking video and Glenn’s reaction.

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