14 September 2012

ISLAMIC ISSUES 12-135: America Was Warned-Marines Were Not


........America was warned of the clear and present and growing potential for assault on our compounds. The excuse of the YouTube video mocking Mohammed was a deliberate antecedent act staged to give “legitimacy” to these well thought out attacks. In truth these attacks (possibly like the YouTube video) was planned and staged by al-Qaeda. In-point-of-fact the Libyan Islamic Security Group (LISG) was a lead group in the attack carried out on our Libyan consulate, and they were augmented by a radical Islamic group named Ansar al-Sharia. Make no mistake this long awaited wave of violence has been well orchestrated and methodically carried out given the fact that our embassies in Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, and even Israel have come under attack, too. Intelligence sources who have kindly assisted me over the past couple of years also informed me that there is solid evidence that:
1). The U.S. State Department was aware of a planned major demonstration by the terrorist group Jamaa Islamyia outside the Cairo Embassy for August 30th, but just prior to initiation, it was called off. Equally, the State Department was fully aware of the rocket attack on the British Ambassador in June while traveling through the streets of Libya.
2). Security at ALL American compounds was not reinforced or even placed on a heightened level of alert given Intel suggesting the annual 9/11-Remembrance could be a significant day and/or “Flash Point”. And by now, we all know of the egregious and inexcusable order given that U.S. Marines should not be armed. Initial reports also show a “slow response time” of Egyptian Security Forces when the American Embassy came under attack. Even today with two U.S. Navy destroyers standing off-shore of Libya, there are NO ORDERS, NO DIRECT MISSION.
3). The attack in Benghazi shows evidence of a well-coordinated military attack, as I referenced above. There is now evidence showing the consulate had been under surveillance, the attack came in organized waves, the attackers were very well armed with heavy assault weapons, including RPGs. The physical lay-out of the consulate, including “safe house” was known to the attackers.

4). Tomorrow, Friday, may prove to be an even more insidious day since the Muslim Brotherhood has called for demonstrations even during the Muslim Sabbath. This is not unusual since all rules are situational in Radical Islam. During the Arab Spring, Friday prayers were used to promote major demonstrations since a ready supply of folks were already congregated in one place. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for a “Million Man March.”

I believe you reap what you sew, and we are beginning to sew not-so-good stuff. The United States, these past few years, has been slowly decimated in major categories – especially financially and militarily. We are not able to maintain the level of strength we have all become accustomed to, and the world (at least those countries that depend on us for security and world stability) has become accustomed. A very strong argument can be made that America is in rapid decline. You factor in political people at all levels of our government who believe in appeasement, and who see the world through glasses, the likes many of us have no idea from which they purchased them, and we have events like the past 48-hours, with more to come. United States intelligence and political leaders have greatly underestimated what is taking place in the Middle East, and there is an actual belief system rampant in Washington, D.C. that the Arab Spring (backed by Obama/Clinton/Panetta) was a good thing, a well-deserved event, and the countries that participated are functioning countries with developing democracies! This is a crock!

The failure of U.S. intelligence and political leaders to recognize (believe) you cannot respond to the war waged by radical Islamist terrorist groups by simply throwing more money at them, caving at their demands, fearing their threats, appeasing their ideology and trying to make friends has led to this serious probing of our sovereignty and resolve to protect our interests. Going around pounding on your chest with glee claiming the “Witch is Dead, the wicked witch”…oops, “Osama bin Laden is dead,” and believing all is right with the world is naïve, sophomoric, and makes me wonder who really is minding the store and keeping watch over us? America’s so-called leaders have grossly failed to grasp the significance of what is taking place in the quickly changing political climate in the post-Arab Spring States, and the Middle East in general.

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