24 November 2011

I'm Looking For A Team in 2012

That can insure the continuation of the American Dream, not some pipe-dream socialist utopia where everyone is equally miserable. Right now, it appears to me that Herman Cain has the potential and the documented successes needed to head that team. I'm less concerned about foreign policy. I'm most concerned about domestic energy and jobs, domestic security and how much longer the America I grew up in will be allowed to exist if something isn't done in 2012.

I will be supporting Herman Cain in his bid to become the Republican nominee in 2012, because he is NOT a professional politician and seems to have a grasp of economics. I hope he knows we expect him to choose advisors experienced in the fields where he is deficient.

The time for career politicians and their handlers to go the way of the dodo bird has come. The Founders never intended for our system to become the monster it is.

They certainly didn't intend for people like the Prince of Pomegrantes Harry Reid and Princess of Pineapples Nancy Lugosi to ever carve a foothold wherein they became incredibly rich and stayed forever. The sense of entitlement, arrogance and uppityness that emanates from these two is so overwhelming, it causes nausea in most normal Americans and vapors and swooning in the ones who believe in it. They are no more intelligent than any other citizen, probably less intelligent than most, and certainly are as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to handling the economy. They might know more than me in some areas but they are certainly not more intelligent.

I'm a well-employed, happy worker with a wife and two kids who are also well-employed happy workers. We love what we do; we do it well and we are adequately compensated for that effort, in spite of the governments attempts to take as much as they can.

I believe Herman Cain will be good for the economic well-being of America. Once that is secured and we are self-sufficient in energy production, America will be safe.

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