22 February 2010

All That Is Hidden Is Made Known

King Solomon's Wall Revealed in Jerusalem
Maayana Miskin -
Feb 22, 2010 IsraelNN.com

Hebrew University archaeologists have revealed an ancient path in Jerusalem believed to date back to the time of King Solomon, along with structures including a gateway and the foundation of a building. Dr. Eilat Mazar, the leader of the archaeological dig, said the findings match finds from the time of the First Temple.

The latest find includes a 70-meter long and six-meter-high stone wall, a small house adjacent to a gateway leading to what was once the royal courtyard, a building that served city officials, and a tower that overlooked the Kidron river.

According to Mazar, the wall is likely to be the wall built by King Solomon. "This is the first time a building has been found that matches descriptions of the building carried out by King Solomon in Jerusalem," she said.

05 February 2010

Daily Grind from The Hammer

The Daily Grind

BY Mary Katharine Ham

"Mom, this is so embarrassing. Quit talking about my BMI on national television!"

It took this long for Toyota to apologize?

Dems fight with GOP for the allegiance of...Wall Street?

"After telling me to keep my mouth shut, the White House discloses sensitive information in an effort to defend a dangerous and unpopular decision to Mirandize Abdulmutallab and I’m supposed to apologize?" Sen. Bond said in a paper statement today.

The story of the "retarded" slur will never die. It finds new life in Connecticut, and when Sarah Palin knocks Rush Limbaugh for using it.

Unemployment drops to 9.7 percent.

NBC cafeteria celebrates Black History Month with a menu of fried chicken and collard greens?

I'm sure Keith Olbermann will have a very Special Comment about this immediately.

Biden to Brown: "I want to talk to you about your daughters."

Ever wanted to know what your VIN means?

The man behind the demon sheep ad?

Matthews to Sen. Collins: "I think your arguments are winning with lots of people."

Weekly Standard Blog

Who are the 300 Terrorists Convicted under the Bush Administration?

10:42 AM, Feb 5, 2010 ·
BY John McCormack
Byron York reports on Senator Jon Kyl's efforst to get to the bottom of an Obama administration talking point on Gitmo and terrorism. Attorney General Eric Holder reiterates in his letter to the Senate this week that "Bush administration used the criminal justice system to convict more than 300 individuals on terrorism-related charges," but Holder has been unable to provide the names of those individuals even though Jon Kyl has been asking for them since May 2009. "It's a disingenuous argument," says Kyl. "There haven't been 300 high-profile, dangerous terrorism cases in the United States -- if there were, we would have heard about them."

To grasp just how evasive the administration is being, read the whole thing.