27 June 2009

Ending Our Dependence On Foreign Oil

is a very simple problem to solve, and will create long-term permanent jobs.

1. Start drilling. If the oil companies say they know the oil is down there, let them go get it.

2. Build refineries; refurbish existing refineries.

3. Offshore drilling. I defy anyone to produce an instance of an oil spill from an offshore drill rig.

4. Let AMERICAN oil companies have first crack at the Iraqi oil. Our soldiers risked their lives for that oil, why did the dhimmicrats give it to China?

And last but not least:
CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It's a neccessary component of life. Stop treating it like its poison. If it were poison, all the trees and plants would be dead.

Of course, cap and trade is not about clean energy, climate change, or foreign oil.

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