28 April 2009

Great Americans

Great Americans is perhaps one of the most promising tradtional values video websites to come along in a good while. This type of site has been desperately needed since 11 September 2001.

My brothers over at EaglesUp actually have a similar site, called protrooptube.com, but there seems to be a problem and Grey Wolf has other, more pressing tasks to attend to. Seriously.
I need him for the protroopevents website. He is the wizard. He is legend.

While LiveLeak and the now merged Ogrish were good sources for battle videos and videos of a rather gruesome nature, we needed an outlet for the good stuff.

(although I watched a video from a gunship at night of an incident in Iraq, that was hilarious. I will not describe it in detail, but I want you to think carport, convertible, two very atheletic consenting adults, (NOT military), who, to phrase it delicately, "danced like no one was watching".)
No less than 4 helicopters were involved in the surviellance, and the chatter between the pilots had me in hysterics.

Back to GA. Lets get rolling on getting videos uploaded of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the extraordinary people who protect us and come to our aid when needed.

But give us some funny stuff too.

CJ has some good stuff up at A Soldiers Perspective.

Blackfive and Tankerbabe, and JP and Troy and CJ, and JD Johannes are doing some great stuff with video.

Show the world what you're doing. Tell the world about your heros. Get involved.

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