23 July 2008

Somerset PA Saturday 2 August 2008 1000 Hours

Michelle has given me an opening to start blogging this event. Of course, Micelle's column is about LtCol Bill Russell, candidate for the 12th District of Pennsylvania, but since Somerset is in the 12th, the segue works.
On Saturday 2 August, at 1000 hours in Somerset PA, a hearing will held on the proposed design of the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. We are encouraging all Americans who oppose the design as submitted to be in Somerset on 2 August to lend support to Alec Rawls in his effort to eliminate all aspects of Islam and muslim symbology from the proposed design.
If you watch the video I have linked above, you will see the current Flight 93 Memorial as it was in 2006. This memorial is being built by freedom loving people who understand and appreciate the heroic efforts made by the passengers on Flight 93 that bright September morning.
No matter where you were, or what you were doing during those three hours, the events of that day affected you. Nothing since has been the same. To even consider a design that looks remotely like it contains islamic symbols is spitting on the memory of the 41 ordinary Americans who became extraordinary heroes in the space of hours. Faced with the certainty of their own death, they acted to save the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.
Their memory should be preserved with a design befitting their sacrifice.

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