25 June 2008

From Our Friends at Vets for Freedom

H/T Blackfive
Ben Hayden
Iowa State Captain, VFF
As America moves closer to November, we need to be informed on the issues. One issue that is very misunderstood is the war in Iraq. A number of Americans are basing their decision in the 08’ elections on this topic, which makes it extremely important to be well educated on the issue. It is also important because America has invested so much into Iraq, both financially and physically. Typically, when we have to make an educated decision we don’t do so based on feelings alone. We do so with the aid of research and knowledge on the topic. When making an important medical decision we don’t turn to our mechanic, we turn to our doctor, and vice versa.
So why, when making an important decision about whether or not to stay the course in Iraq, would we listen to someone other than the experts? Why would we make such an important decision, a decision that carries with it so many lives and so much money, without listening to the men and women that have been there? The Hero’s that have given so much, yet asked for so little in return.
Some say that we have failed in Iraq. This is detrimental to the moral of our troops. Say what you want about the President and his Administration, but don’t tell our troops that they have failed, because they haven’t. They have achieved success and are continuing to achieve more and more.
In November, Iraq will hold its first provincial elections. This proves success. Iraq now has an Air Force and an Army, with their security forces numbering over 540,000 people. Over the past year they have seen enormous economic gains and will continue to grow economically in the months to come. They are now outspending the U.S. ten to one on major reconstructive projects.
As a Marine Veteran that served two tours of duty in Iraq, I know how important success there is. I know how important it is that America knows the truths about Iraq. I can assure you that the experts, the men and women that have been there fighting, know the importance of success and want our help in winning the war on terror. Help them, help us.

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