11 November 2007

Info for 173rd Airborne

Item #38-763-609-04
The TextileShop is a good source for sheets at a good price.

If you're looking for new stuff, go to my Vox site. I'm leaving this post as is for the time being, or at least until we get the 173DABN fully equipped.

TankerBabe has updated info for items shipped on her site.

Keystone Soldiers has been tirelss in their efforts to help the 173DABN, so if have a minute, drop by and say Thank You

I want to thank everyone who has stepped up and helped. You have made a huge difference in the lives of some of America's finest. They deserve everything we can do for them.
I think I can safely say, without hyperbole or over dramatization, that you have helped save lives.
On behalf of the 173DABN 2-503 INF and Soldiers Angels, thank you all very much.

Jump over to Vox and read the latest, then come back here and buy a soldier a present.

Click on the BassProShops link and order some long johns, balaclavas or grab a few neck gaitors from USCav. By utilizing the link on this site, you will also be making a donation to Soldiers Angels. BassProShops and USCavalry donates a portion of the sale back to the bloggers who, in turn, donate those monies to military charities. Talk about a WINNING combination!
If you would prefer to purchase items of similar type somewhere else that's fantastic.
Links below are offered as a means to make it a bit easier for you to CLICK RIGHT NOW to make your donation.

These items are at the top of every list we have received:

USCav is sold out of the thermal underwear but still has balaclavas and gaitors.
Item# 30365 for the balaclava;
Item# 27115 for the neck gaitors.
Save 10% your order;
Use coupon code USCCJ10 at checkout!

BassProShops has a balaclava (Item # 38-865-912-29) with pockets for inserting chemical warmers...Pretty cool (ah, warm)...
I should probably mention that BassProShops does a lot more for our troops than most folks know about. If you're within earshot of John Boy and Billy, you know about a lot of it.
The folks over at BassProShops are dedicated to our troops.
I wouldn't say that if I weren't sure.

BassProShops also has ECWCS (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System)
Both of these items are mediums, which our contacts have told us they need the most of.

Item # 38-794-600-02 Bottoms
Item # 38-794-599-02 Tops

Item # 38-787-780-02 Tops NEW STYLE SAME PRICE!!!!!!
Item # 38-787-767-02 Bottoms NEW STYLE SAME PRICE!!!!!
Item # 38-763-609-04 Dark colors preferred

Highlight and copy the Item number; click on the BassProShops banner. When the site loads, click in the Item Number window at the top of the page and hit ctrl+v, then click Go.

Address for shipping:

1 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23220

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tankerbabelc said...

Recent correspondence from the Sky Soldiers - "please send more hotties ASAP"

OK, I gotta tell ya when I read that the first time I thought they were asking for females. The second time I read it and thought it was some sort of candy like red hots. Then I thought about it for a few minutes and DUH!!!! Chemical hand warmers. They are asking for chemical hand warmers. They've never ASKED for anything so....I'm thinkin' they need these ASAP.