31 May 2007

Duncan Hunter Posts on LGF

H/T to my sister site, United Conservatives of VA
Yes I am an avid Fred Thompson supporter, but I have friends I respect who like Duncan Hunter, and this is an interesting read.

30 May 2007

Sen. Fred Thompson in Richmond This Weekend

2007 Commonwealth Gala
with special guest
Former Senator of Tennessee
Fred Thompson
Saturday, June 2, 2007
Greater Richmond Convention Center
5:30 p.m. -
Leadership Reception for Gala Sponsors with
Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling
Attorney General Bob McDonnell
Speaker Bill Howell
RPV Chairman Ed Gillespie
Photo opportunity with Fred Thompson
6:30 p.m. - Dinner (Business Attire)

We Need to Show More Sympathy

We need to show more sympathy for these people!

They travel miles in the heat!
they risk their lives crossing a border!
they don't get paid enough wages!
they do jobs that others won't do or are afraid to do!
they live in crowded conditions among people who speak a different language! they rarely see their families, and they face adversity all day every day!

Doesn't it seem strange that the Government is willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals, but won't support our troops and are now threatening to de-fund the troops--and not the illegals?

29 May 2007

Contemplating the Gift of Freedom

by Nancy Salvato

In Taranto’s, "Best of the Web Today," is a mention about U.S. military officials who, while raiding an al-Qaeda safe house in Iraq, discovered crude drawings depicting torture methods such as a "blowtorch to the skin" and "eye removal." Soldiers involved in the raid seized torture implements like meat cleavers, whips, and wire cutters. Photos were taken documenting injuries sustained by captives of the safe house. (1)

Considering the focus of numerous mainstream news reports centered on the inhumanness of waterboarding and other interrogation techniques; some described as being told to stand up or sit down but not being allowed to sleep or lie on the floor, or being forced to listen to rap artist Eminem's "Slim Shady" album -used by US military interrogators -it would seem that this should have been front page news. However, this finding didn’t make the headlines. (2)
Waterboarding, an interrogation technique that makes the person being questioned feel as though he or she is going to drown without physically harming a person, has proven a useful way to determine information about those waging a war of terrorism against western civilization. No one is killed or maimed and critical information needed to win the war against terrorism is gained. After looking at the photos of those held captive in the safe house, how anyone can say that U.S. soldiers are inhumane is beyond me. Americans should be asking themselves what kind of animals would cut out the eye of another human being and for what?

Recently, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) visited Damascus, Syria, a country which, "strictly limits freedom of expression, association, and assembly." (3)
She was seen roaming the streets of Damascus flaunting a Hijab, which when worn outside the mosque, symbolizes that men control women by forcing piety. "Pelosi just reversed the work of the Syrian civil society and those who aspire for women's freedom in the Muslim countries many years back with her visual statement." (4)
The damage done by her trip to Syria is not really any different to that done by Jane Fonda during her l972 visit to N. Vietnam, where she had her photo taken while sitting on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes and spoke on radio broadcasts telling US soldiers they were war criminals for which they could be tried and executed. (5)
Both of these women provided aid and comfort to the enemy. Although US soldiers were brutally tortured, Fonda referred to the US as the enemy and considered the N. Vietnamese, "peaceful patriots." (6)
I wonder if these women would be willing to take up residence in either of these countries and live under their rule of law. Would they be so willing to cavort with such human rights abusers? To both of them, I say, "If you are going to talk the talk, you ought to be willing to walk the walk."

When concentration camp detainees were liberated by US soldiers during WWII, average Americans were exposed to horrific details and images of the atrocities to which these prisoners of Hitler’s warped pursuit of genocide were exposed: hypothermia, sun lamp exposure, blistering hot water forced into the stomach, bladder, and intestines, tortuous medical examinations, live cremation, and more. (7)
After such discoveries, no one denied that the American entrance to the war was good for mankind.

Prior to WWII, Americans had not seen such systematic mass extermination of a people since the Spanish Inquisition. Yet, this sort of religious intolerance, and the belief in the superiority of one group over another, remains today. A recent headline reads, "Saudi officials have arrested a man in Mecca for being a Christian, saying that the city, which Muslims consider to be holy, is off-limits to non-Muslims," the Jerusalem Post reports. (8)

Sometimes during my morning jog, when I feel the gentle warmth of the sun on my skin and these old bones aren’t complaining about a front moving through, I give thanks for this beautiful country; for medicine; for plentiful food; and for the wisdom to appreciate what we have been afforded here in the United States. Is it any wonder so many people want to live in this great country of ours? Then I remember it could all be gone in the blink of an eye, if terrorists succeed in detonating a nuclear bomb on our soil.

On this Memorial Day, take a moment to thank those who give some, and some who give all, to protect the natural rights and freedoms acknowledged in the founding documents and provided for under the US Constitution. No one understands better than those who have been denied their freedom or those who serve protecting our freedoms, that our country (my home) is a shining beacon providing hope to the oppressed, and that the United States sets the standard for freedom around the world. Try to imagine a world with no dreams and then remember those who sacrificed to set our dreams free.

(1) (8) Best of the Web Today http://www.opinionjournal.com/best/?id=110010125
(2) CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described
(3) Human rights in Syria; Pelosi's silence http://hrw.org/english/docs/2007/04/06/syria15665.htm
(4) Has Pelosi Gone Bonkers? http://www.reformsyria.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=282&Itemid=66
(5) (6) Discover the Networks.org: A Guide to the Political Left http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1326
(7) Concentration Camps and Other Places Where Experiments Were Performed http://www.webster.edu/~woolflm/deathcamps.html

Copyright © Nancy Salvato 2007

Nancy Salvato is the President of The Basics Project, (
http://www.blogger.com/www.Basicsproject.org) a non-profit, non-partisan 501 (C) (3) research and educational project whose mission is to promote the education of the American public on the basic elements of relevant political, legal and social issues important to our country. She is also a Staff Writer, for the New Media Alliance, Inc., a non-profit (501c3) coalition of writers and grass-roots media outlets, where she contributes on matters of education policy

American Muslims Ready to Attack USA?

Sher Zieve

I have waited for about a week to comment on a new Pew poll that queried over a thousand Muslims living in the United States. The reason I held back from commenting on the unnerving (some publications have called them hair-raising) results, is that I was waiting to see if ‘moderate’ Muslim leaders would officially comment. Sadly—as has become the norm—they have not done so in or with any large or even medium-sized numbers.

The mainstream media still largely continue to ignore the imminent threat posed by the terrorists in our midst. Instead, they report that a new Pew Poll suggests American Muslims are "largely assimilated, happy with their lives and moderate with respect to many of the issues that have divided Muslims and Westerners around the world." The dangerous and present problem with this is that the media discounts or ignores the intensely disturbing Pew Poll findings. Those findings include and divide out the response of 26% of American Muslims’—between 18 and 29 years of age—to one of the poll questions regarding the efficacy of homicide (AKA "suicide") bombings. This middle-class American Muslim population said that suicide bombings on US soil could be justified! Some have calculated that the Pew poll-cited 26% of these 18-29 year old Muslims currently in living the US constitutes a minimum of 200,000 individuals who currently believe that the bombings are not only acceptable to them but, necessary if meant to ‘protect’ their religion. However, having no truly accurate figures as to how many Muslims are now in the United States—let alone those between 18 and 29—this figure is highly speculative and may even be higher. In an apparent attempt to lull the public into a life-threatening complacency, the consistently left-leaning mainstream media has chosen to play these facts down—or not report them at all. They, instead, choose to run stories on ‘Islamophobia’. Sorry old media but, a fear based upon the worldwide substantive perpetrations of horrific acts upon others by adherents of Islam and the Muslim religion is not irrational.

Do these Pew poll data mean that this group of young American Muslims is ready to attack the USA? No—not by these data, alone. But, this poll is not the only indicator of the growing in-country threat from Islamists. For years, something very alarming has been steadily growing upon the shores of the United States. It is the development and expansion of Islamic paramilitary compounds. Three of these, according to Greg Copley President of the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), include "Islamberg in New York, Ahmedabad in Virginia, and Holy Islamville in South Carolina, and so on are places which have been formed largely by Jamaat ul-Fuqra—which is a fundamentalist jihadist movement, which has been involved in terrorist activity and supporting terrorist activity." Copley continues with: "The U.S. government, for example, claimed that ul-Fuqra members were involved in more than a dozen bombings and arson attacks during the 1980s and 1990s" and adds that members were "possibly responsible for a couple dozen homicides, and possibly linked to the murder of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was killed in Pakistan." These fortresses are closed to the public and consist of Muslims from Pakistan, men who are said to have converted to Islam while in US prisons and their families. In Paul Williams’ compelling article "Springtime in Islamberg", a sentry at the fortification is quoted as saying: "Our community is not open to visitors!"

These strongholds are also said to consist of many who have threatened the US with violent acts and were or are currently on terrorist watch lists. And, apparently, their children are being raised to embrace and emulate the hatreds and radical tenets of their parents. It is unclear how many of these paramilitary enclosures exist throughout the country and/or where they are strategically located. But, considering the ideologies of those who operate them the purpose and mission seem clear. And their goals do not give the impression of being at all positive to or for non-Muslim US citizens. The areas involving violence perpetrated by the group Jamaat ul-Fuqra is shown in the map below. With Islamic separatist militaristic training compounds appearing across the country, we can only guess at when their followers will begin to implement their training. One item, however, remains extremely curious. In the past, the US government has arrested, burned out or blown up other militaristic compounds on US soil. The most recent notable example is the Clinton Administration’s burning of the Branch Davidians religious cult headquarters. Yet, this in-the-USA reported Islamic multi-branch paramilitary movement is allowed to continue. What’s that all about? Do you think Pew’s 26% figure might actually be low? One thing that is a certainty is that young terrorists or terrorist-supporting individuals are now being raised, taught and trained on American soil. Considering the fact that radical Islam has loudly sworn time and time again that it will destroy us, does the fact that this is being allowed to occur make any sense—any at all—to you? Perhaps radical American Muslims won’t attack today. But, from all challenge indications being thrown down in front of us, they certainly seem to be gearing up for tomorrow. And while our courageous and dedicated men and women overseas are fighting and dying to keep them there, we are letting the terrorists in through our back door and, all too often, even the front.

Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (www.thenma.org). The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.


MAP: http://www.canadafreepress.com/images/paul-williams-map-large.jpg


28 May 2007

Fred Thompson Raps "Open Border" Immigration

Fred Thompson, a potential Republican presidential candidate, suggested that the 1986 immigration law signed by President Reagan is to blame for the country's illegal immigrants and he bemoaned a nation beset by "suicidal maniacs."

"Twelve million illegal immigrants later, we are now living in a nation that is beset by people who are suicidal maniacs and want to kill countless innocent men, women and children around the world," the former Tennessee senator said. "We're sitting here now with essentially open borders."

"We should scrap this bill and the whole debate until we can convince the American people that we have secured the borders or at least have made great headway," Thompson said last week.

His remark about "suicidal maniacs" drew a chuckle from McCain, who said in a telephone interview: "I don't know what to make of it."
(Because you are an idiot)

A spokesman for Thompson, said he was not calling immigrants "suicidal maniacs" but, rather was referring to terrorists who seek to enter the United States through borders that have lax security.
(Because WE didn't know that /sarcasm)

He made the comments Thursday night as he discussed the 1986 immigration reform bill and the Senate's current legislation to overhaul the immigration system during a speech to people attending the annual Prescott Bush Awards Dinner in Stamford, Conn.

27 May 2007

Venezuelans march against closure of TV station

You'd think Hugo would know better than to screw with the soap operas.

CARACAS (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Venezuelan protesters marched on Saturday to the Caracas headquarters of an anti-government television station, which is being forced off the air after President Hugo Chavez's administration refused to renew its broadcasting license.

Waving flags with the logo of RCTV, demonstrators packed the streets of the capital where news anchors and soap opera stars slammed the imminent closure of the opposition channel.
"What is happening here is simply the silencing of a television station," shouted soap opera actress Gledys Ibarra.

'Noah's Ark' of 5,000 rare animals found floating off the coast of China

So where's PETA?

Endangered, hunted, smuggled and now abandoned, 5,000 of the world's rarest animals have been found drifting in a deserted boat near the coast of China.
The pangolins, Asian giant turtles and lizards were crushed inside crates on a rickety wooden vessel that had lost engine power off Qingzhou island in the southern province of Guangdong. Most were alive, though the cargo also contained 21 bear paws wrapped in newspaper.
According to conservation groups, the haul was discovered on one of the world's most lucrative and destructive smuggling routes: from the threatened jungles of south-east Asia to the restaurant tables of southern China.

NewsMax Poll: Just 4 Percent Favor Immigration Plan

By a margin of more than 23 to 1, Americans overwhelmingly oppose the Senate's plan for
immigration reform, an Internet poll sponsored by NewsMax reveals.

Respondents in the poll - which drew more than 100,000 participants - also said they would oppose any 2008 presidential candidate who supports the Kennedy-McCain plan.

Here are the poll questions and results:
What is your overall opinion of the Senate immigration deal?
Favorable: 4 percent
Unfavorable: 95 percent
No opinion: 1 percent

What should be done with the 12 million illegals in the U.S.?
Deport them: 85 percent
Offer them citizenship eventually: 11 percent
Do nothing with them: 4 percent

Would you vote for any presidential candidate who supported this deal?
Vote for: 5 percent
Vote against: 95 percent

GOP candidates Rudy Giuliani and John McCain have expressed support for the immigration deal.
Are you:
More likely to vote for them: 4 percent
Less likely: 93 percent
No opinion: 3 percent

GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Tom Tancredo oppose the Senate immigration deal.
Are You:
More likely to vote for them: 89 percent
Less likely: 5 percent
No opinion: 6 percent

Rate President Bush's handling of the border and immigration issues.
Excellent: 1 percent
Good: 3 percent
OK: 8 percent
Bad: 29 percent
Very poor: 59 percent

So Where Is Amnesty International?

I ask that rhetorically, of course. We'll not be hearing from these pantheons of justice for the downtrodden, the abused, the tortured. They're only interested in torture when it involves the US and terrorists, (Oops, I meant to say freedom fighters). Darn and my backspace key is broken.
It will be interesting to hear what the "there is no Global War on Terror" group has to say about this.
Will they twist it? Spin it to make it look like a set-up? Or just come right out and accuse the Coalition Forces of making it all up?
Is the "Torture Manual" going to get LSM attention?
When are the asshats going to get their heads out of their collective rear ends and come to terms with the evil we are facing?
My guess as to when that will happen: At the moment the scimitar falls.

24 May 2007

Ramblings and stuff from other blogs

And this just in:
Shark Bites Hand of Handler
Aquarium staff say they don't know what's wrong with the shark.
Hey guys, ITS A SHARK!!!! It only knows one thing...EAT!!!!

Major Pain has some great advice for Memorial Day. You can read it Here
Personally, I'd listen to the man...he's a Marine, he's smart, and he can whip yo ass.

John over at Castle ARRGH has a quiz for all you machine heads..
I have no idea what IT is, but I want one, just because I don't have one.
Maggie is at the bar, she refuses to play.

I'll be up in DC this weekend with Rolling Thunder and Gathering of Eagles for the Memorial Day Rally.
Looking forward to that, and I'm sure there will be moonbats and asshats aplenty, following Silky Pony's marching orders to protest the military action in Iraq on a weekend when they should be thanking every soldier in sight for giving them the right to be stupid in public.
But thats just me, and I've been diagnosed as severely cynical with delusions of usefulness.
and I'm off my meds.

The Silky Pony Does His Impression of Cleopatra

If this asshat isn't in de Nile, I don't know who is.

Addressing the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, and don't get me started on THAT), he stated that,

"The core of this presidency has been a political doctrine that George Bush calls the "Global War on Terror." He has used this doctrine like a sledgehammer to justify the worst abuses and biggest mistakes of his administration, from Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, to the war in Iraq.

The worst thing about the Global War on Terror approach is that it has backfired -- our military has been strained to the breaking point and the threat from terrorism has grown.

We need a post-Bush, post-9/11, post-Iraq American military that is mission-focused on protecting Americans from 21st century threats, not misused for discredited ideological pursuits. We need to recognize that we have far more powerful weapons available to us than just bombs, and we need to bring them to bear. We need to reengage the world with the full weight of our moral leadership."

and you want to be PRESIDENT!?!?!?!?

Earth to Cleo, err John, where ya been the last 15 years? Where were you in January 1993?
In July 1996?
In October 2000
In September 2001?

What were those John?

College pranks with M-80's, bottle rokets and model airplanes?

Did you not hear that Usama Bin Laden declared a fatwah,? (thats a holy war, Cleo, err John).
Stop watching Nickleodeon, MTV, and the HGTV network and get up to speed on world events.

Try to pay attention and keep up...there may be a quiz later.

Hillary's Youth Corps

The newest “crisis” being contrived by the Hillary camp has to do with the supposed need for government to assume control over child care, since moms and pops, friends and neighbors, and the local privately owned daycare centers are all obviously doing such a lousy job of it. No doubt, the people who bring you the Post Office and Department of Motor Vehicles can do better.
In truth, none of this is new, but just another facade covering the same old agenda of the left. Convince people that they are in dire straits financially and otherwise, and then promise to fix everything for them if only they will sacrifice their freedoms and ultimately their good sense, to the cause.

Hillary’s grim assessment of the current status of parenting, combined with her utopic promises of how it will all work once she is in control, represent the latest iteration of the old tricks from the left. The “village,” by which she means power-grabbing bureaucrats, are still on the prowl, awaiting any opportunity to intervene in peoples’ lives. As with federalized “health care,” it is all about Democrat statists gaining power to micromanage the lives of the people.

Those wanting a “heads up” as to how this governmental child-rearing monstrosity could take hold and eventually metastasize, need only to watch how it has been implemented in several consistently disastrous state ventures. Wyoming in particular, is in the early stages of heading down this dark road, but the chicanery and deceit employed thus far should serve as a warning to the rest of the nation.

Plans for state control of the nursery first burst upon the Wyoming political scene in 2006, with HB92, the euphemistically named “Quality Child Care” act being ramrodded through the “Republican” legislature with disturbing ease. Nancy Freudenthal, wife of Democrat Governor Dave Freudenthal, took an activist roll in forcing the bill through the political process, even appearing at committee hearings in what once would have been roundly condemned as a conflict of interest anywhere outside of Arkansas.

Though overwhelmingly “Republican” on paper, Wyoming’s political apparatus has for many years been dominated by liberal Democrats in both parties. Thus the state’s budget continues to bloat, annual calls for school “reform” merely amount to lavish increases in funding, and virtually every problem is addressed through monetary outlays and new programs.
Meanwhile, even the most rudimentary laws protecting innocent life and reaffirming marriage stand no chance of ever being enacted.

In this atmosphere it has been relatively easy for unbridled socialism, such as “Quality Child Care,” to be foisted upon an unsuspecting populace. While still very conservative and traditional in their views and mores, many among Wyoming’s citizenry do not remain sufficiently engaged in the political process to anticipate looming threats such as this current government power grab.

Fortunately, once the bill mandating an initial study and providing funding was passed last year, Governor Freudenthal made a strategic miscalculation by appointing Becky Vandeberghe, a registered lobbyist and pro-family Christian grassroots political activist, to the study committee. Clearly, Freudenthal was attempting to throw a few crumbs to his opposition in order to buy them off (a technique at which he has proven to be quite skilled). Yet all indications are that he grossly underestimated Vandeberghe.

Her attendance at the study committee meetings revealed several alarming aspects to the situation, as well as a corrupt and self-serving political machine which seeks to ingratiate itself to the state power structure by greasing the skids toward implementation. And the specifics of the intended plan are more alarming still.

Overwhelmingly liberal, the committee and its advocates in the legislature were careful to put a benign face on its long-term goals. But they clearly intend to define “the hand that rocks the cradle.”

Behind closed doors, committee members revealed a grand scheme to expand the scope of the program, through the implementation of “standards” by which to raise the bar on daycare centers, thus ensuring that smaller private providers would eventually be excluded. Ultimately, this would facilitate their implementation of universal preschool.

When queried directly by Vandeberghe about the intrusion of government on what has long been respected as the realm of family, one committee member responded with the question “Who better to raise our children than the government?”

Amid intense opposition from individuals and organizations who feared a government takeover of every childcare facility in the state, reassurances were given that the real intention was only to subsidize those individuals who could not afford the expense of placing their children in such facilities.

Yet this is only one of many veneers being placed on this program in order for it to gain public acceptance. The latest attempt is to couch the whole thing under the heading of “economic development,” a term which usually plays well in Wyoming, where a low population and limited industrial base leave many of its entrepreneurs scrambling for ways in which to expand the business community.

All diversionary excuses aside, the scope and expense of Wyoming’s latest foray into “Hillary Care” in the nursery promise to grow to nightmarish proportions. And, as Becky Vandeberghe has consistently found in her research on the topic, no educational benefits for the children have resulted elsewhere in the country where similar programs were implemented.

Of course, this does not mean that they will be cancelled. Rather, the dismal reality of their inadequacy will be used as the catalyst by which to demand ever increased funding. Once a bureaucracy of this nature is established, it is all but impossible to ever be rid of it.
So, as the former First Lady turned Senator turned Presidential candidate seeks to draw us all into her web of governmental assistance and dependence just in time for the 2008 Presidential election season, it would be good to consider what her real motives are.

On its face, her phony concern over children and childcare is as transparent as her professed lifelong devotion to the New York Yankees. So for this ruse to work, she will require the kind of support she is currently receiving from Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal.

Global warming alarmists step aside! Hillary and her minions have their own pending catastrophe from which she will save us.

Reprinted by permission from NewMediaAlliance.

13 May 2007

Ritter Is At It Again

Ex-marine and former Clinton Weapons Inspector, Scott (I didn't know she was 16) Ritter has done it again. He punched the "On" button on his word processor and wrote the slimiest, most disgusting, vile op-ed piece you'll ever read.
Here's an excerpt:

The American Legion magazine, in its May 2007 issue, belittles those who speak out against the war. “While our forefathers gave us the right and privilege to challenge our leaders,” one father of a fallen Marine writes, “the manner and method that some people have chosen to use at this time only emboldens the enemy.” Reading between the lines, freedom of speech is treasonous if you question the motives and actions of those who got us involved in the Iraq war. Alan Dershowitz can only wish that there had been more “good Germans” speaking out about the policies of Adolf Hitler before the Holocaust became reality.

I yearn for a time when “good Americans” will be able to stop and reverse equally evil policies of global hegemony achieved through pre-emptive war of aggression. I know all too well that in this case the “enemy” will only be emboldened by our silence, since at the end of the day the “enemy” is ourselves. I can see the Harvard professor shaking an accusatory finger at me for the above statement, chiding me for creating any moral equivalency between the war in Iraq and the Holocaust. You’re right, Mr. Dershowitz. There is no moral equivalency. In America today, we should have known better, since we ostensibly stand for so much more. That we have collectively failed to halt and repudiate the war in Iraq makes us even worse than the Germans."

and that was the civil part.

For some reason, Ritter has forgotten that he resigned as an UNSCOM weapons inspector on August 26, 1998, due to his belief that the United Nations and the Clinton administration weren’t doing enough to disarm Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

Read the whole article at your own risk. Be prepared to have napkins and the number of a good computer repairman.

07 May 2007

Under Construction

Please bear with me while I re-work this page. I was looking for a better layout and well, what you see is what I got.
Now I have to re-do my links to all my favorite sites.

06 May 2007

More US Casulties Under King Clinton Than In Iraq

Since the start of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan , the sacrifice has been enormous.
In the time period from the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 through now, we have lost a total of 3,140 troops.
As tragic as the loss of any Veteran is, consider this:
below is a list of deaths of soldiers, sailors, airmen & Marines while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2004
(1980 2,392);
(1981 2,380)
(1982 2,319)
(1983 2,465)
(1984 1,999)
(1985 2,252)
(1986 1,984)
(1987 1,983)
(1988 1,819)
(1989 1,636)
(1990 1,507)
(1991 1,787)
(1992 1,293)
(1993 1,213)
(1994 1,075)
(1995 1,040)
(1996 974)
(1997 817)
(1998 827)
(1999 796)
(2000 758)
(2001 891)
(2002 999)
(2003 1,410) 534*
(2004 1,887) 900*
(2005 919*)
(2006 920*)
* Figures are Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom fatalities only
Does this really mean that the loss from the two current conflict in the Middle East are LESS than the loss of military personnel during King Clinton's presidency? Were we at war?
Now, are you confused when you look at these figures?
I was.
Especially when I saw that in 1980, during the reign of President "Nobel Peace Prize" himself, there were 2,392 military fatalities of U.S. soldiers.
What this clearly indicates is that our media and our liberal politicians pick and choose.
They choose NOT to present the facts.

Another fact our left media and politicians like to slant is that these brave men and women losing their lives are minorities.
The latest census shows the following:
European decent (white) 69.12%
Hispanic 12.5%
African American 12.3%
Asian 3.7%
Native American 1.0%
Other 2.6%

Now, the fatalities over the past three years in Iraqi Freedom are:
European decent (white) 74.31%
Hispanic 10.74%
African American 9.67%
Asian 1.81%
Native American 1.09%
Other 2.33%

Please, don't just take my word, see for yourself
The next time you are subject to left-wing propaganda, you are equipped with the facts.
Pass the facts on...
Also, where is the outcry regarding all of the unborn babies that are killed every day in this country.
Where is the outcry of all the fatalities from druken drivers each day in this country.
What about the murder of little children by depraved men and women who should not be allowed to live.
The judges let them off practically scott free.
Where is the outcry, Americans?

01 May 2007

Virginia We have A Problem

This week, Governor Kaine signed an Executive Order (EO) prohibiting another category of people from owning firearms. Kaine's EO would take away gun rights for life of any person adjudicated dangerous, but only ordered to be treated as an OUTPATIENT. (Anyone who is committed as an inpatient currently loses their gun rights already.)

So, what's the problem?
1. Kaine's action is probably unconstitutional! If Kaine can just issue an Imperial Decree changing existing law without any debate from our elected representatives, why not just disband the General Assembly, if they aren't needed any more? :-(
The proper way to handle a situation like this is for the Governor to call a special session of the General Assembly to address this issue and ask the the General Assembly to modify the law.
2. His EO may appear to be a reasonable restriction because no one wants a violent, insane person to have a gun or any other weapon for that matter.
However, what judge in HIS right mind would allow a person who the judge KNOWS to be a danger to himself or to others to be sent home and allowed to do outpatient treatment?!? The judge should commit himself to inpatient treatment for doing such a thing! That's like sending serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer back home but requiring him to attend weekly counseling sessions!
If a person is adjudicated dangerous to himself or others, he should be confined, NOT sent home!
So you might ask, why would there be ANY patients who were both dangerous AND ordered to do outpatient treatments?
Because the judge might believe that the person isn't really 'dangerous,' but the judge feels that the person does desperately need mental help and that the person wouldn't seek such help on his own. So the judge declares the person to be 'dangerous' so that the person can be forced to take the outpatient treatment.
Should a person who is not believed to be dangerous by a judge be banned from having guns for the rest of his life?
3. The Governor's edict is retroactive! Thus, if you were treated as an outpatient under a court order thirty years ago and have been fine ever since, you can now no longer BUY, OWN, or POSSESS any firearms.
If you do you can be charged with a federal FELONY!
4. The Governor has falsely promised that gun rights could be restored. NOT true. There is no way to get your name off the federal list once Virginia has added you to it, even if you are now perfectly normal. You will be prohibited by federal law from buying or possessing a firearm for the rest of your life. And you may not even realize you are a 'prohibited' person, so when you attempt to purchase a firearm, you may be shocked when you are arrested for lying on the 4473, which is a FELONY.
5. Once you are on the federal mental defect list, you could lose more than your gun rights. Your security clearance could be at risk.
Your job too.
6. According to the Washington Post, Attorney General McDonnell said, "We are still in a state of mourning, but now is the time for action." What he's really saying is that he's got to do something, anything, to make it look like the government is doing something.
Just another "feel good" measure - and one embraced by Governor Kaine!
And talk about rushing to do something - Kaine JUST APPOINTED a commission to look at the mental health problem and make suggestions, but Kaine didn't even wait for the commission to meet! He just charged forward on his political hobbyhorse!
So how did we get into this situation?
Simple - the Court system failed us by not committing the VT murderer to involuntary treatment. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Governor comes along with a knee-jerk solution and compounds the problem by throwing out a huge net to catch such a very rare person. That huge net brings in all kinds of unintended consequences. And it still won't guarantee more government failures that could lead to more murders and mayhem down the road.
Lest you think I am exaggerating the negative impact that the Governor's actions will have on those who need help, want help, and are willing to seek help, I will share with you an email I just received from one of our brave Armed Forces members.

"I came back [from my tour of duty] last fall. I'm very worried that getting advice, counseling, or treatment could have ramifications on my ability to carry, own, and use firearms. I've been diagnosed with "mild PTSD" [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] and am very anxious that treatment it is going to put me on some list. I believe I can handle the PTSD, if necessary, but it'd be a whole lot easier if there weren't that Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.
As it is, I'm treating myself based on information from public sources."

I'll be honest - that email tore me up. Just watching the news and seeing what those men and women go through in protecting this country is enough to give ME mild PTSD! I can't even imagine being at war and living through all that our fighting men and women live through.
Yet we put them in a position of being afraid to seek a helping hand in adjusting back to normal, peacetime life!
Is this what those who are suffering from emotional stress and trauma, or have common things like depression, get to look forward to? The additional worry of becoming a second-class citizen, disarmed by their own government for seeking help?
And what about employment? Those in a position to lose their guns unfairly will now also be in a position to lose their security clearances unfairly, too.
For now, VCDL needs to investigate the whole situation and its implications in more detail. We have been talking to the Attorney General's Office, as well as to the aides of House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith and Delegate John Welch.
Things like a temporary injunction come to mind, so that the law can be changed carefully and not in a knee jerk reaction. Letting the General Assembly change the law, if it needs changing at all, in a constitutional way is a necessity, too. ;-)
This alert for now is just a 'heads up.' The implications of what is happening could have grave consequences for a lot of innocent people and we are going to be monitoring the situation carefully.

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL).
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